Monday, February 28, 2011


This month has been kind of a funny in-between month.

It's definitely the warmest February I remember having! I'm getting used to the warm(ish) weather in Holland, I think next winter at home will kill me. brrr!!!
The only thing I would change about the weather here is how much it rains
. I haven't seen the sun in what feels like a loooong time, it's kind of depressing.
I wouldn't trade it for snow though!

This month wasn't all that eventful - I did get to meet all the new inbounds though, so that was nice. They are from the southern hemisphere, so places like south africa, new zealand, australia, and argentina. It was cool to see them begin their year and remember where I was at the beginning of mine.

I went to the zoo with my host parents this month. That was fun!! It was really awesome to see all the animals, not to mention learning all the new words for animals in dutch. I learned about "nerts" and "aurochs" and loads of other crazy things.

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